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Greetings - we wound up the one-on-one mentorship component of our "Monthly Giving - Learning Together" program in early Spring 2015 (it was a two-year program made possible by OTF). However, Natasha van Bentum continues to be available on a consulting basis (email: vanbentum"at"gmail.com). Also you can still access the presentations and recordings that were offered during that time by our guest experts.  Just scroll down, after this post.

 “We are very grateful to G2 Give Green Canada and Ontario Trillium Foundation for this program. It has been incredibly helpful to us throughout the year as a way to keep us on track, share information and learn new skills and techniques for promoting monthly giving.”
 “We have gone from zero monthly donors to 80 monthly donors!”
 “The information provided by the leaders was varied and useful putting monthly giving into the broader context. The one-on-one sessions with Natasha were particularly welcome and helped us keep on tract - being volunteers it is so easy to lose momentum. We would not have a functioning Monthly Giving program if we had not had this support.  We sincerely hopes G2 Give Green Canada runs future programs in which we might participate. Heartfelt thanks to Natasha, G2 and OTF.” 

 “While I was not able to participate in every workshop, my colleagues and I found that many of them were relevant to our non-profit organization. Thank you!”
 “We have a fledgling program but we have already increased our numbers of monthly donors by 300%.”
 “Using the ‘rack card’ you suggested we create for our public event, we acquired 40 new monthly donors.”
 “Give Green Canada has offered tremendous support and value to the entire land trust community. Their tailored training has been a huge benefit to the staff and volunteers of these charities, producing real, tangible actions on the ground. Many of our member organizations have advanced their monthly giving programs based on the advice and guidance from Give Green Canada, building their community of donors through effective “asks” and engaging content. We are grateful to have Give Green Canada behind our land conservation movement.”

 “We already had a monthly giving program in place but being part of G2 Give Green Canada's monthly giving initiative has been a great benefit to our organization.  With their help, we have improved our program and more than doubled the number of monthly givers that support us.
 Having someone to turn to outside the organization has been helpful and the regular contact helps to keep us on track.”
 “The timing of the OTF funded Monthly Giving – Learning Together programs offered by G2Canada could not have been timelier– nor the training more useful.  The combination of webinars presented by leaders in the field complemented by the on-on-one mentoring has proven to be most effective. At the outset, we did not have a monthly giving program and we now have one in place and are comfortable that it has been professionally established. 
It should be noted that this program’s value extends beyond the pure logistics of monthly giving encompassing best practices in the broader context of communication and fundraising.”

 “G2 Give Green Canada’s “Monthly Giving – Learning Together” program has been of help to us as we begin the important work of increasing our revenue from individual donors.  
 The combination of group sessions (webinars) with one-on-one coaching from G2 has given us the tools and know-how to run a successful giving program with limited resources.”
 “Although we already has a well-establish monthly giving program, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to acquire new monthly donors and combat attrition rates.  I’ve found the participation in G2 Give Green Canada’s “Monthly Giving – Learning Together”  program, along with the mentor’s personal guidance, to be hugely beneficial in helping us breathe new life into our monthly giving program.  

The program has provided me with new ideas on how best to move our monthly giving program forward and is also helping us shape our online monthly program strategy.”


For Ontario-based environmental and conservation groups:  “Monthly Giving – Learning Together” is a learning / training program from G2 (Give Green Canada / Patrimoine vert) and made possible by funding from Ontario Trillium Foundation.
Are you exhausted by the never-ending quest to obtain sustained funding for operations?  Sign up for “Monthly Giving – Learning Together” (see below), a new program from G2 (Give Green Canada / Patrimoine vert), available presently only to Ontario-based environmental and conservation groups. 

Monthly giving builds donor loyalty, boosts income and provides financial stability.
This new program features G2’s unique combination of innovative technologies, one-on-one mentoring, and group sessions including special online workshops with Harvey McKinnon, one of the world’s leading experts on monthly giving.  

Here is what one of our participants in the first year of this program has to say:
“The timing of the OTF funded Monthly Giving – Learning Together programs offered by G2Canada could not have been timelier for us – nor the training more useful.  The combination of webinars presented by leaders in the field complemented by the on-on-one mentoring has proven to be most effective.  At the outset, we did not have a monthly giving program and we now have one in place and are comfortable that it has been professionally established.  We look forward to learning even more in the next stages.  It should be noted that this program’s value extends beyond the pure logistics of monthly giving encompassing best practices in the broader context of communication and fundraising.” Mary Vandenhoff, Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust

As Harvey McKinnon puts it, there are “7 Very Good Reasons to Focus on Monthly Giving":
  • Increased income
  • Building better relationships
  • Donors stay longer
  • Predictability
  • Savings
  • Income grows over time
  • Convenience

Even if you already have a monthly giving program in place, “Monthly Giving - Learning Together” will help you to maximize revenue and increase donor loyalty.  Click on the link at the bottom of this page for our FAQ.

Working together, we identify practical, achievable goals. The time commitment is not onerous and G2 will work around your schedule. This is what one of our previous mentorees has to say:  “This mentorship experience with G2 was highly valuable, timely and addressed a real need within our organization. It has sparked so many great, new ideas, given us many resources to work with, and we are already seeing results.

"Monthly Giving - Learning Together" will set you on a firm course to financial stability, at no charge to you or your organization. 

Space is limited. To participate, please contact Natasha van Bentum, CFRE Director, G2 (Give Green Canada) by email vanbentum@gmail.com with the Subject line “Monthly Giving – Learning Together” or by Twitter @GiveGreenCanada

The G2 (Give Green Canada) “Monthly Giving – Learning Together” program is made possible by a grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

 G2 is a national organization providing a unique combination of mentorships, tools and training for eNGO's. We also work with donors and professional advisors for a stronger, more resilient sector.

Please note at the present time, “Monthly Giving – Learning Together” is available only to Ontario-based environmental and conservation groups.


Exploring INSTAGRAM to engage supporters - link to presentation

Here is the link to the presentation given on April 21 by Tanya Clark of Couchiching Conservancy and Claire Danes of Muskoka Conservancy:  "Exploring Instagram to Engage Existing and Attract New Supporters".  

Are you taking advantage of Instagram as an outreach and marketing tool?  Instagram helps engage existing and future supporters and is helpful for visual storytelling, especially for conservation and environmental groups. 
This webinar was hosted by G2 Give Green Canada and made possible by Ontario Trillium Foundation.


Here is the link to Peter Turk's presentation (on Scribd) held February 17 

as part of the “Monthly Giving – Learning Together” program.  Co-hosted by G2 (Give Green Canada) and Ontario Land Trust Alliance (OLTA).
This session gives you an excellent overview of what you need to know about a database system, with a 10-step process for choosing database software for your non-profit organization. It identifies why you need a database, defines some terminology, and helps you avoid the pitfalls.

Peter Turk is an expert software developer, having been involved in the industry for decades. He has worked in every size and type of technology organization. Peter is committed to helping non-profits and has served on several non-profit boards and helps charities on a regular basis. That commitment has led to Peter's latest venture which is software that helps non-profits manage their relationship with constituents (Sumac).


Paul Nazareth on the "new" Canada Helps

"Raise More Money Online:  Meet the New CanadaHelps"

Since the year 2000 CanadaHelps has been used by over 15,000 charities and one million Canadian donors to give to causes they care for online.  In September 2014 CanadaHelps launched a totally new website. 

The result is a major evolution charity and donor services at no additional cost to you. Whether you already use the site or are looking to raise funds online this webinar will share how to use the new services, strategy on online giving and how to empower more donors to give using CanadaHelps. 

Customized web pages, donate links, mobile giving and crowdfunding are just some of the new services on the site. It’s about your cause, your charity and raising more at no additional cost.

Paul Nazareth - as Vice President of Community Engagement with CanadaHelps, Paul’s team works directly with thousands of Canadians as they support their most beloved causes, charities as they fundraise to change the world and advisors as they facilitate client donations. Most recently working in the financial sector as a philanthropic advisor with Scotiatrust, Paul previously spent 11 years with charities like the University of Toronto and the Catholic Church of Greater Toronto. He teaches the national online Planned Giving course with the postgraduate fundraising program at Georgian College, is Chair of the Advisory Committee at the Humber College postgraduate fundraising program and an instructor with the Canadian Association of Gift Planners.


RESOURCE CENTRE on Monthly Giving (we welcome your suggestions)



"The" book on monthly giving by Harvey McKinnon:   "Hidden Gold", paperback version available at HMA or Amazon, click here.    "This book will tell you everything you need to know about the most important growth area in fundraising. Harvey reveals the secrets that have helped his clients raise millions of dollars through monthly giving. Hidden Gold is a great read and an essential resource for fundraisers of any size organization.” from review by Ken Burnett.

 Monthly Giving - The Sleeping Giant, by Erica Waasdorp. And click here for a review of the book.

Slide Shows

Integrated Monthly Giving - a joint presentation from HMA and HJC New Media (highly recommended) on integrating your monthly giving program across the organization and multi-channel.

Monthly Giving and the Next Generation of Giving, another presentation by HMA and HJC.

The Holy Grail of Monthly Giving:  Finding, Keeping and Loving Sustainers, a joint presentation by Harvey McKinnon, Teva Harrison, Nature Conservancy of Canada and Ryann Miller, Care2.

Links to Examples of Good Monthly Giving Web Pages

Amnesty International  (Canada)  - includes an excellent summary (in the margin) of why it's important, also see the testimonial on the same page.

TIP: Amnesty International (Canada) also has a page on their site where donors can easily update their information such as credit card expiry date, etc.

Mercy Corps has a clear and easy to nagivate monthly giving web page with nice use of testimonials right up front.

Jane Goodall Institute (Canada) -  note that their default is monthly giving, i.e. donors go directly to a monthly giving option when they click on "Donate Now".

Help make the world a better place

Greenpeace Canada has one of the best online monthly giving Donate pages.  
TIP:  notice the pop-up menu when you change the method of payment from the default of credit card to direct debit from your chequing account.

OXFAM Canada's monthly giving program, called "SharePlan", is a well-designed monthly giving Landing Page.  Click through to the online form.

EXAMPLES OF MONTHLY GIVING CAMPAIGNS from SOFII (Showcase for Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration)

Example of a mail campaign from Doctors Without Borders re: converting one-time donors to monthly donors (referred to here as "regular donors"), Australia

Example of a High Donor Monthly Giving Campaign, from Greenpeace UK.

ARTICLES and with thanks to contributors

Why Every Nonprofit Needs a Monthly Giving Program - article by Harvey McKinnon on Charity Info

Harvey's Seven Reasons Why Every Organization Should Recruit Monthly Donors - by Lisa MacDonald on Charity Info

Four More Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Monthly Giving Program, by Eliza Slone on 
"nth Factor blog"

The Three "R"s of Monthly Giving:  Recruitment, Retention and Renewal by Alison Keys of Keys Direct Marketing

Setting Up a Program?  Start Small - But Do Start", from Pamela Grow's blog.

10 Things You Need to Know About Setting Up a Monthly Giving Program, by Heather Fignar

Attrition - "Ways to Stop the Bleeding" from Cornerstone

Retaining Monthly Donors, by Mark Pitman on ngEngage

Donor Retention:  lengthy but worthwhile paper by leading philanthropy academic and researcher Adrian Sargeant,  "Donor Retention: What Do We Know and What Can We Do About It?"


Lengthy but worth reading: interview with Harvey McKinnon, on "Pamela's Grantwriting Blog".

Author of "Monthly Giving - the Sleeping Giant"  Erica Waasdorp talks about Direct Mail and Monthly Giving.

Interview with Jo Sullivan, Successful MonthlyGiving Programs.

Interview with fundraising maestro Ken Burnett.


Stephen Lewis talks about the importance of monthly giving to the Stephen Lewis Foundation in this short video

Video: Monthly Giving - a Tool for Sustainable Fundraising  (Vimeo)

From the Kersten Agency (USA), "What Motivates Monthly Giving?"

This is clever, an 11-second video from Arizona PBS thanking monthly donors for making a "pledge-free" day possible.  

We welcome your contributions and suggestions to add to the  Resource Centre.


PPT and recording from "Where Are You Stuck?"

Are you stuck in something at work?  A problem that seems like it will never change? If so, you're not alone. And there is help. Many of us find ourselves in a complicated and stressful situation from time to time. This is your chance to submit a real-life scenario to Harvey.